What To Expect During a Dental Procedure

The night before a dental procedure you will fast your pet. They will not be able to have food after 8 pm or water after midnight.

You will drop your pet off at Family Pet Health Center the morning of the procedure between 8 am and 9 am. Our staff will need your contact information at this time so that we can call you with updates.

Our staff will take your pet and begin monitoring them prior to the procedure. If we have recommended fluids then the catheter will be placed and fluids will be started.

Once the doctor is ready for the procedure your pet will be sedated with anesthetics. They will be closely monitored during the procedure by a member of our staff.

It is very important to remember that when a pet is awake it is often very difficult to see into the mouth; once your pet is fully sedated the doctor will be able to do a full examination of your pet’s mouth. The doctor may find additional needs during this time, and a member of our staff may call you during the procedure to give you an update and request approval to do additional treatment. The doctor will only recommend extractions or additional treatment when he or she thinks that it is necessary for the comfort of your pet. Our goal is to send your pet home with a mouth that is 100% bacteria free.

During the procedure our team will work to clean your pet’s entire mouth. In addition to cleaning and polishing the surface of the teeth, we will also work to remove bacteria, plaque, and tarter from below the gum line and in between teeth. If the doctor finds rotted or infected teeth they will recommend extractions; this will only be done if the doctor feels that it is in the best interest of the pet.

Once the procedure is complete your pet will be monitored by a member of our staff during recovery. A member of our staff will call you at this time to give you an update on how your pet is doing.

Most pets are able to come home with their owners the same afternoon. When you receive your post-procedure phone call our staff will let you know what time to plan on picking your pet up.

Many pets are back to normal the same night! You will be able to offer them food and water once they are home with you. When the doctor extracts infected teeth it is very common for your pet to actually be more lively and comfortable than when they came in for the dental procedure.

Our Doctors also recommend that you maintain at-home dental care for your pet, too. Click here for information on how to keep your pet’s teeth clean at home and help them live a happy, healthy life!


Our #1 Goal is to send your pet home with a mouth that is 100% bacteria free!


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