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Bobby & Sammy

Bobby and Sammy are our very handsome, geriatric boys. Bobby was born on August 4th, 2009 and Sammy on June 15th, 2008. They had lived with their owners for the last ten years before they were brought to the clinic due to the loss of a loved one at the end of February 2019. They are both neutered and have tested negative on their feline leukemia and FIV test. They are microchipped and up to date on their Rabies and FRCPC vaccinations.

Bobby is a lighter, orange tabby. His has very bright green eyes and loves to make eye contact with those he is craving attention. His meow is very loud to ensure he catches your curiosity. Bobby is on a prescription, urinary diet. He is prone to developing stress cystitis, especially since he has dealt with a major life change in the last year. He is well managed with his diet and loves his food. He primarily eats the dry formulation, but enjoys a small amount of canned food twice a day as a little treat. He will need to stay on this diet lifelong to help maintain his bladder health and prevent the development of medical issues.

Sammy is a darker, orange tabby. He has handsome, brown freckles on his nose and lips. Sammy is a much more soft-spoken gentleman, in comparison to Bobby. He has a very gentle meow and sometimes can be seen making the face of meow, but producing no noise. Sammy loves chasing his wand toy. He is very acrobatic for his age and will jump in an attempt to catch the shiny tendrils floating around from the end of the wand.

Both boys love perching at the top of their cat trees and watching the hustle and bustle of the FPHC staff running around. They are very talkative and will meow at anyone who stops to say hello.

Bobby and Sammy do not need to be adopted together. They would enjoy a laidback home with someone to relax with and live out the rest of their years.

Videos of Sammy

Videos of Bobby

Butternut & Pumpkin

Butternut and Pumpkin are our handsome, long-haired gingers. They were born on Dr. Stephenie’s farm on June 23, 2017. They have been adopted and returned to us twice within the last year and a half due to circumstances out of their control. They have been through a lot in the last two years and have been very resilient through all these changes. They are both neutered and have tested negative on their feline leukemia and FIV test. They are microchipped and up to date on their Rabies and FRCPC vaccinations.

Butternut can be very shy upon initial interaction. Once he starts to open up, he loves to head butt and rub against your legs. He enjoys curling up in a small, furry ball in his kitty bed and napping the day away. He loves hiding in his box or perching on top and watching the world go by. He loves the Happy Cat essential oil; it makes him want to roll around and rub against his scratch post.

Pumpkin is a little more social than Butternut. He is not as shy when you first meet him and will quickly rub up against your legs. He does not enjoy cuddling as much since he is always on the move. You can find him reaching up to stretch to the top of his scratch posts or exploring wherever he can find adventure. He loves curling up in boxes and will play with his ball with a bell.

While both, Butternut and Pumpkin, can be slower to warm up than other kitties, that does not stop them from loving their people. They are fiercely loyal once they have warmed up and you will have a furrever friend to cozy up on the couch.

Butternut and Pumpkin do not need to be adopted together. They would likely do well with a smaller, quiet dog or another, laid back cat. They prefer a relaxed, quiet environment. Their adoptions come with a starter bag of cat food.

Videos of Pumpkin

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